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Nasty weather tonight

It’s pretty much been the news of the day, so I’m sure you’ve heard by now… heck, it may have even started already where you live. But the sky is […]

Ole Miss removes state flag

The Mississippi state flag has gone down at the University of Mississippi. After the student and faculty senates last week passed resolutions calling for the removal of the state flag, […]

The sky is cryin’

I’d say the drought is over. Temporarily, at least. The continuous rainfall experienced across Southwest Mississippi since Saturday night is expected to continue off and on until Tuesday night, and man, […]

Steal a bottle of booze? In-store celebration!!!

This comes from D’Iberville. More specifically, from a security camera in Dang’s Liquor and Wine package store in D’Iberville, where a very enterprising young lady removes a bottle of cheapo-looking […]