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Annual tree sale set for Feb. 24

One of my favorite local events (alongside the camellia show)…

The Lincoln County Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual tree sale will be Friday, Feb. 24, at the Lincoln County Civic Center.

A wide range of saplings – including hardwoods, ornamental, flowering, fruit and wildlife – will be available to purchase at slick prices, ranging from $2 to $7 per tree.

Doors open at 7:30 a.m., but trust me: you want to be there to get in line before that (I’m speaking from experience here). The prettier, more rare trees will sell out if you mess around and roll in at 10 minutes after.

(I river birch in my yard I purchased at the tree sale in 2009. Today it’s happy in the muddy part of the yard, drinking like a fish and touching the sky).


It is likely that we go to our doom.



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