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Year-end events at the arts school

The students at the Mississippi School of the Arts are preparing for their year-end showcases, all of which will be FREE to attend and totally BITCHIN’ to experience.

Here’s the rundown:

Devised Theatre Showcase (drama):

Thursday, Dec. 8. 7 p.m. Enochs Black Box Theatre. The show will be “Changes,” a devised theatre piece based on the career of David Bowie. Written by Dr. Robert Brooks; Artistic Direction by Tammy Stanford.

Chorale Winter Concert (music):

Friday, Dec. 9. 7 p.m. Lampton Auditorium. The chorale winter concert will be a holiday musical with a full range of masterpieces. Merry Christmas!

Excerpts from the Nutcracker (dance):

Thursday, Dec. 15. 7 p.m. | Friday, Dec. 16. 12 noon. Enochs Black Box Theater. MSA’s Seventh Repertory Dance Company presents “Excerpts from the Nutcracker.” Everyone loves the nutcracker. Go see it or you will ruin Christmas.


Liberal arts majors, unite!

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