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Deadline for entries to Crowns for a Cure benefit pageant Sept. 1

The Crowns for a Cure benefit pageant will be held on Saturday, Oct. 1 at the Lincoln Civic Center – plenty of time until that happens. BUT THE DEADLINE TO ENTER IS SEPT. 1. That’s one week from now.

Here’s how it works: girls up to age 10 will compete in casual wear, girls age 11 to 21 will compete in pageants gowns and boys up to age 5 will be in casual wear. All girls 10 and under will receive a crown and all the boys will receive a trophy and a gift.

For entry forms, contact Bethany Nations at 601-695-6518, or e-mail her at

The entry fee is $35, and the proceeds go to support local families in need. This year, the pageant is seeking to assist 8-year-old Josh Sexton, who is fighting osteosarcoma, and Townes Querin, 2, who has medullablastoma.

Last year, Crowns for a Cure raised more than $10,000 for the Cook family after 130 contestants entered the pageant.


Not invited to Crowns for a Cure.

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