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Brookhaven Exchange Club Fair will signal the end of summer on July 30

As common as a redbird, as certain as the solstices, the Brookhaven Exchange Club Fair marks the end of summer.

One last week of low-priced fun and fatty food is the parting gift from freedom, the bribe for the school-age kids who are about to be herded back into classrooms at the end of another ever-shortening summer (seriously… why does school start on Aug. 4).

Thank God for the Brookhaven Exchange Club Fair.

No explanation is really needed here. Anyone who’s spent at least 12 months in Brookhaven has been to the Exchange Club Fair. It begins next Saturday, July 30, and concludes on Saturday, Aug. 6.

The Brookhaven Exchange Club is currently seeking donations from local businesses in the form of prizes for bingo. Contact club president Greg Hoff at 601-833-4961.


Random girls from Maine meant to simulate fair fun in Brookhaven! (photo:

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