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The office bee colony is being manipulated into moving itself.

Progress is being made in the Great Brookhaven Broadcasting (Honey) Bee Infestation of 2016.

Crystal Springs beekeeper Wes Fitzpatrick III has rigged up a neat little trap on our scary-as-hell bee nest, and the bees are slowly, but surely, leaving behind the nest we don’t want them to have and building anew in a wax-coated paper box, in which they will be unknowingly carried off in the dead of night approximately six weeks from now.

Backstory: last week we discovered bees… lots of bees, building their nest inside one of the brick columns in the rear of our office. Wanting them little beestards gone, but not wanting to destroy the nest (because America has done screwed up the bee population enough already), we called Wes, and his genius plan is working thusly:

  1. Bar access to the original nest.
  2. Have a new nest (in a cardboard box) ready nearby.
  3. Allow time for colony to relocate to new nest.
  4. Carry new nest back to Crystal Springs and put the bees to work pollinating his farm.

Here’s the proof:


It’s not a van down the river, but it’ll do…


Wes is a fearless man.


Didn’t take them long to make themselves right at home.

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