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Great American Cleanup begins in two weeks

Worn-out mattresses. Broken-down washing machines. Rugs that are way too funky to ever again touch your floors.

The garbage man won’t touch them, and you’re too tight to pay the fee at the dump. That’s where the Great American Cleanup comes in – one month of throw-it-all-away goodness brought to you by Keep Lincoln County Beautiful and the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors.

You know what it is: humungous garbage bins are placed at central locations in each of the five county districts and left there for three days, giving everyone in the county plenty of time to discard, at no charge, junk items like furniture, appliances, building materials, tires and other items you just can’t fit in your trash can.

Here’s where those bins will be:

  • April 7 – 10: the empty lot on Monticello Street, just east of County Farm Road.
  • April 14 – 17: the lot at Newman Road and Old Highway 51.
  • April 21 – 24: the lot at Highway 51 and Bogue Chitto Road.
  • April 28 – May 1: intersection of Jackson-Liberty Road and West Lincoln Drive.
  • May 5 – 8: the lot at James Case’s Store on California Road.

There are a few rules. The GAC will not accept paint, oil, hazardous materials, commercial tires (regular tires are accepted, however, and should be placed on the ground, not in the bins) or household garbage.

And, please, no scavenging: the purpose of the GAC is to get junk out of Lincoln County, not just moved to another property in Lincoln County.





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