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Local Mississippi Scholars group adds career and tech program

The Brookhaven/Lincoln County chapter of the Mississippi Scholars program has always been the state, and even national, leader. Nobody else takes care of local high school grads like our scholars program does.

So here’s another smart move on their part: they’ve added a Career and Technical Curriculum to the program. This means kids who choose the career path over the college path while in high school will now be eligible for scholarships to put toward technical/workforce training programs at community and other colleges. Given the United States’ focus on STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) this is a great move by Mississippi Scholars to help get kids into the workforce.

For those who aren’t aware, Mississippi Scholars motivates high school students to pursue more rigorous courses of study to prepare for college, requiring certain standards of attendance, community service, ACT scores and other benchmarks, rewarding those who meet the challenge with scholarships upon graduation (and the Brookhaven/Lincoln County program just happens to be the flagship program on a national level).

Previously it was all about getting a bachelor’s degree. Now the local Mississippi Scholars chapter has wisely opened up its pocketbook to kids bound for careers as well. This will be good for the kids, good for the community colleges and good for the tax base.

Mississippi Scholars depends on donations to get these kids off to college. It’s a non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible. If you’d like to support our students please contact Sloane Smith (601-757-4725) or Lori Carter (601-540-1234).


Photo courtesy: The Tennessean.

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