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Grierson’s raiders ride again next Thursday night at senior center

The war came to Brookhaven on the backs of a thousand horses, led by a music teacher from Illinois named Benjamin Grierson. After that it never went away.

It was known as Grierson’s Raid, an 800-mile cavalry expedition through the heart of Mississippi that destroyed railroads and rolling stock, burned large amounts of property, paralyzed Confederate defenses on the eve of Grant’s Vicksburg campaign and frightened weary Confederate citizens in central and Southwest Mississippi. The Yankee cavalry regiments from Illinois and Iowa crossed westward around Hazlehurst, struck near Union Church and turned south, passing just west of Brookhaven and Bogue Chitto.

The details of the raid will be the subject of a historical presentation next Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Jimmy Furlow Senior Citizens Center at 201 South First Street. Local attorney Joe Fernald will recount the story of the historical maneuver and how it affected Lincoln County (then Lawrence County).

The presentation is sponsored by the Lincoln County Historical Society and is free and open to the public. Come explore the past.


Photo courtesy: Wikipedia



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