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Initial reviews say “The Hollars” is an OK film

You will probably enjoy “The Hollars,” the John Krasinski-directed movie about a professional in New York who has to return home to the sticks for his sick momma: those sticks being represented by the City of Brookhaven, where portions of the movie were filmed (to great local fanfare) in 2014. There’s been plenty of excitement around here to see Janie’s Pastry on the big screen.

The film, starring John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick (also featuring Margo Martindale, who is friggin’ awesome), just premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and has gotten reviews that are warm and good, but not hot and great. Take a look.

Variety calls the film “watchable,” and the review uses a whole lot of fancy words to basically say the movie is sweet and all, but not really deep emotionally. The accusation is made that “The Hollars” follows the basic family drama/comedy script pretty closely.

The same point is made by the Hollywood Reporter, which calls the movie “awfully familiar” and says it is “a comfort-food recipe that doesn’t venture beyond tested ingredients.” Like pancakes with no bacon… a little disappointing, but you eat it anyway.

Of course, Krasinski doesn’t mind that reviewers find “The Hollars” formulaic and tells Indiewire that isn’t a bad thing. “When did that become a bad thing? I feel that’s why we’re here,” the second-effort director says. “All these movies wouldn’t be here if ‘Sundance-y’ was a bad thing.”

Overall, first reviews make the “The Hollars” sound like a movie that’s good, but one that I’ll wait and catch on TV, one time. It will be nifty to see parts of Brookhaven in a major motion picture, and I expect plenty of folks from around here will pack out the theater when it opens. After all, it’s “funny and charming,” according to Slashfilm. Personally, I’m still awed by “The Revenant.” Leo is gonna do it this time, baby.

“I was also in a movie with George Clooney once.”


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