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Santa Claus (or at least a dude dressed like him) is coming to these towns (in a parade)

Christmas parade season begins TODAY. Get excited! But not too excited…

Here’s the schedule of parades in our area, all of them taking place between this afternoon and Saturday morning.

Bude – 3 p.m. today

Meadville – 5 p.m. today

Brookhaven 6:30 p.m. today

Wesson – 4 p.m. Friday

McComb – 10 a.m. Saturday

A few things to remember:

For the first time this year, candy will not be thrown off floats during the Brookhaven Christmas Parade, as parade and city officials decided children scurrying to pick up candy was a safety risk. Candy will only be distributed by Santa Claus at the very end of the parade, which – I think we can all agree – IS TOTALLY LAME.

Wesson is the only parade so awesome it turns around and comes back, so you can see it twice, which is awesome. But folks are usually out of candy on the second leg of the trip, which is not too awesome.


Candyman… candyman…. candyman.


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