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College football’s annual coaching circus could affect Miss. State this year


Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen has always been kind of a big meanie face toward the media, and when he’s doing so it usually means reporters are onto a cat he doesn’t want out of the bag.

Now, he’s doing the not-going-to-dignify-with-comment routine again, this time toward questions about his future in Starkville. The Clarion Ledger is reporting Mullen “dodged” questions about allegedly interviewing for the head coaching job at the University of Miami.

The Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel says Mullen is a candidate for the Miami coaching vacancy.

ESPN is flat-out saying he has already interviewed.

The Miami Herald calls Mullen a “finalist” for the Hurricanes job.

But you go ahead and shut those nosy reporters and their stupid rumors down, Dan (insert angry comment about Nick Saban denying he was going to Alabama back in 2006).

But really, a head coach interviewing for a new job while still employed at his current school faces an unwinnable situation here, as accurately pointed out by For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. What’s he going to say? “No, I’m not interested in the Miami job” (liar), or “you’ll have to carry me out of here in a pine box” (Tubberville liar).

Is Mullen going to leave Mississippi State? We’ll find out soon. Personally, I believe he should: he’s a good coach with plenty of future in front of him, and he’s likely done all he can do in Starkville, where it’s hard to recruit top talent and hard to win the division. The program’s best chance to win it all was probably in 2014, and I believe the 2015 season has proved the depleted team was functioning only because of two-time Connerly Trophy-winning quarterback Dak Prescott, who now takes his place among the memories. If Mullen hangs around for a few more years and Mississippi State languishes, he’s lost his bargaining power (see: Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators).

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Mississippi State

“I was on the beach in Miami, and there was this girl with the greatest…. “(Photo Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports)




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