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Brookhaven Christmas Parade Makes a Few Changes


A few standard rules will continue to apply.

(1) The only Santa will be at the end of the parade.
(2) All entries will need to post the proper signage.
(3) All entries must travel safely throughout the entirety of the route.

Here’s what’s different. Pay close attention to keep from getting ousted from the festivities!

(1) The parade will begin a little earlier this year due to several complaints about it’s length last year.
(2) Each entry must obtain a parade permit from the Chamber of Commerce no later than Thursday, November 30 to be displayed clearly the night of the event.
(3) Every rolling vehicle (despite association with a single organization) will pay an entrance fee & must be decorated appropriately.
(4) …and this one’s the biggie! Throwing or giving out of any items (candy, promo items, beads, etc.) IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Take note of this change that WILL NOT allow you to throw anything from your float!

We’re certain that it will be a fun, family-friendly event despite the changes, & hope that you’ll listen to our live broadcast on Thursday, December 3 during the event.

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