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So, ummm…. don’t set anything on fire this weekend

Local burn bans are in place until the first boards of supervisors meetings in early November (where the bans will probably be extended another month, I’m guessing), so everyone knows not to be burning stuff in their yards, right?

Right (I’m looking at you, Copiah County)?

Just in case you’re not sure, check out WAPT’s story on fire conditions across Mississippi:

“The National Weather Service in Jackson has issued a Fire Weather Watch for all of Central Mississippi starting Friday and lasting through Sunday evening…  Most of central Mississippi is in the grips of a short-term extreme drought. Rainfall since July 1 is approaching 11 inches below average for this time of year at the Jackson International Airport… A cool front will swing through the region on Friday ushering in much cooler temperatures. However, behind the front the winds will pick up 10 to 20 mph from the north.”

So, we have high temperatures, breezy wind conditions and very little moisture in the air. The region is basically a pile of dry straw. DO NOT BURN.

Or, you know, this could happen: “Any person who knowingly and willfully violates a burning ban is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be fined not less than $100 and not more than $500.  Section 49-19-351 of MS Code of 1972, as amended.”

And if you set your neighbor’s property on fire, you’re financially liable for the damages and fees from the forestry commission.

Or not.

Or not.

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