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Just in time for the Christmas shopping season: major construction project on Lakeland Boulevard in Jackson

Hattiesburg area retailers, REJOICE!!!!

The Mississippi Department of Transportation has decided to start a $36.3 million construction project to widen Lakeland Boulevard in Jackson to six lanes in… late October? As in, two weeks before the Christmas shopping season starts to heat up?

Not sure what’s up with this. I’m hoping the major work won’t get started until January, but they have already held a ground-breaking ceremony. The work will take place on the stretch from Airport Road to Grant’s Ferry Road  – basically, the part where all the stores are, including Dogwood.

From The Clarion-Ledger:

“Initially, the project will consist of creating a detour in order to remove and replace the second northbound bridge over an abandoned railroad line. Motorists should expect delays when construction is ongoing, but lane closures have been restricted during high-traffic hours.”

Looks like we’ll be skipping the old Saturday in Jackson Christmas shopping trip. Thank goodness for Hattiesburg… and Amazon Prime.

Photo not purchased from: The Clarion Ledger

Photo not purchased from: The Clarion Ledger

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