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Tired of Hillary? Sick of Trump? Vote Bob Dole for president… in 1996

OK, this has nothing to do with Brookhaven and the surrounding area, but it’s so cool I had to share it.

I was browsing reddit after work today and noticed this awesome fact:

The Dole/Kemp campaign website from the 1996 election is still active.

Half the links and pictures are broken, but if you want to teach your children about the Dark Ages of the World Wide Web – a cold, hard time of dial-up static noise, AOL free discs and the birth of 3D gaming – this is a good starting point. All we need to complete this 90s digital flashback is ICQ Messenger and a six pack of Zimas.

Ahhh… takes me back (the Quake, not the Zimas).

old-aol-aim-logo quake1 1_123125_2152319_2180454_2204595_081126_drink_zima.jpg.CROP.thumbnail-small

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